The safest and most eco-friendly platform, designed to reach first-time collectors of all ages. The best way to leverage NFTs to bring your brands and your value proposition to your consumers in a family-friendly environment.

To make your brand reach your consumers we have developed the safest and most environmentally sustainable NFT marketplace: Nifty4Fun.

Nifty4Fun is designed for collectors of all ages, driven not by trading and price speculation but by the simple pleasure of NFTs collecting and having fun in social swapping. The marketplace is one in a kind because all transactions are executed through swaps among the collectors without any cryptocurrency exchange involved.

Therefore, it’s a perfect touchpoint for brands also with first-time NFT collectors, even families and kids.

Thanks to its features, Nifty4Fun is truly a unique marketplace in the world, built on the following criteria:

  • safety first: no offensive or harmful content can be found as any single NFT is created by Metabrand as part of the project delivered to its Partner. All contents in the NFTs collections are suitable for all ages.
  • collecting for passion, not for trading: users can’t sell or purchase NFTs, they can just swap them
  • no room for scams: only our Partners’ collections can access the marketplace 
  • environmental sustainability thanks to the minimum power consumption allowed by Algorand, the green blockchain
  • highly reduced gas fees in the users’ transactions 


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